Vic Mensa Releases New EP


After recently posting a picture on his Instagram teasing an upcoming mixtape and album, Chicago rapper Vic Mensa has released a new EP entitled There’s Alot Going On. From filthy bangers to a couple of weak songs to one of the most personal and revealing songs you’ve heard in years, the EP is pretty busy for only being 7 songs long.

There’s Alot Going On can be purchased via iTunes or streamed on Spotify below:

If you aren’t the streaming type, nor do you fancy going the iTunes route, the EP is also available for free download on the Respect My Vote website until July 4th for those who pledge to vote (US only).

There’s Alot Going On Tracklist:
1. Dynasty (Intro)
2. 16 Shots
3. Danger
4. New Bae
5. Liquor Locker (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
6. Shades of Blue
7. There’s Alot Going On